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Welcome to the first institute in the world dedicated to credibility. No where else professionals are able to find such an organisation aiming to share knowledge about individual and corporate credibility and to research on this topic, the most powerful corporate intangible asset of all time.


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The Credibility Institute's mission is to provide executives in startups and corporations worldwide recognised training, coaching, and consultancy services focusing on individual and corporate credibility, trust, reputation, branding, and leadership. We also aim to raise awareness of the return on investment (ROI) of credibility engineering throughout the industry.






The Credibility Institute is a global organisation with two divisions, the Credibility Powerhouse offering consultancy services and the Credibility Academy offering training and coaching services. The Credibility Institute also achieves academic and applied research on credibility and related concepts and constructs.


Consultancy and Training

Through our consultancy and training divisions, we provide corporations, startups, and professionals around the world consultancy services such as credibility engineering*, reputation management and brand building strategy for established corporations in North America and Europe, and new comers to China and to Asia. We also provide executives corporate and customised training and coaching. We train and coach, we give seminars and conferences, and we advise worldwide in English or French (Mandarin in a near future).


Our Credibility Engineering services and training topics include:


  • Building Credibility and Reputation in new markets
  • Credibility and Reputation management under uncertainty
  • Credibility and Reputation management during M&A
  • Rebuilding damaged Credibility and Reputation after crisis
  • Credibility and Reputation management and strategy for SMEs and startups in China and SE Asia
  • Credibility across cultures
  • Credibility management for Leaders
  • Online Reputation management
  • Online Credibility management
  • Digital Public Relations and Storytelling



The Credibility Institute delivers a Credibility Engineering* and Reputation Management Certification, the first of its kind in the world.


* Trademark under examination



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Applied Research

Through our research division, we achieve academic and applied research on credibility and related concepts and constructs. We also publish peer-reviewed articles and books.



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Mr. Stephane Prud’homme holds a BA Degree in Social

Psychology, an MA Degree in Organisational Communication

(Montreal), an i.e.MBA Degree in International Marketing

(Beijing), and he is a PhD Candidate  in Business

Administration (Macao). He has 21 years of experience in

public relations, marketing, international business

development, reputation management, brand building in

Canada, in China, and in Southeast Asia, with startups and

large corporations. He lived and worked in Beijing and

Shanghai for 4 years and he is now in Hong Kong for

more than 4 years.


He studies credibility for the past 13 years, achieving his

Master Degree on corporate spokespersons’ credibility in crisis situations

and his PhD research on executives’ credibility and corporate credibility. You may have details on his background at and With his fulfilling experience, Mr. Prud’homme thought of creating a new profession, credibility engineer. He is the first one in the world to hold this title.


Mr. Prud'homme is also consultant at








Stephane Prud'homme

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